Propane Tank Monitors: The Gift of Peace of Mind

Written on: September 5, 2022

We’ll monitor your tank for you

tank monitor app wisconsinAutomatic propane delivery doesn’t work like subscription grocery shipments or office supplies. If your propane delivery arrives before you need it, you can’t just store the excess propane on a shelf in the laundry room next to the toilet paper. And worse – if your propane delivery isn’t scheduled on time, you can’t just run next door and ask to borrow what you need.

That’s why it matters that you choose an automatic propane delivery service that is precise and is based on your actual propane usage in the upper Midwest. How can you get that type of accuracy? With a wireless tank monitor!

Tank Utility wireless tank monitor pairs perfectly with automatic delivery

When you opt for automatic propane delivery, a wireless tank monitor makes it easy for us to know if your usage is up or down from your usual patterns. This tells us when you’re ready for your next propane delivery, and keeps you from ever having to worry about a run-out in your Minnesota or Wisconsin home.

Tank Utility wireless tank monitors can be installed on aboveground propane tanks or belowground propane tanks. They are ideal for most standard residential tanks. Here’s how it works:

Tank monitoring means saying “so long!” to propane runouts

There are many benefits to having a quality tank monitor on hand, including:

Enjoy all that Lakes Gas has to offer

We know that customers are often concerned about a run-out, and that’s why we offer an easy way to get the peace of mind you need. Lakes Gas offers propane delivery without the worry and without the hassle, plus tank monitoring services that take the burden off your shoulders when you become a customer. Want to learn more about tank monitors or how Lakes Gas can help you figure out your household’s propane needs? Contact us today!