"First thing I want [Lakes Gas in Crivitz, Wisconsin] to know is that we are, for the first time in many years, without worry regarding gas delivery. I wish I had made this move long ago. You can share this with whomever. The funny thing is when I called about the other company to pick up their tank they had many questions as to why I made this switch. I told them. Service, Price, communication and honesty. I told them they failed them all. 40 years with them. Didn’t seem to matter. And some companies fail to see it and then go under.

So we wanted you to know this... from us both, thank you! You can also share this with Jason, Jason and the man that delivered the gas...All were easy to talk with and were very much like my own family. So the comfort level was good." - Jim & Annie M. / Crivitz, WI

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