Safety is Our Highest Priority

At Lakes Gas, propane safety is our highest priority. In addition to our many years of hands-on experience, our staff is certified by The National Propane Gas Association, in cooperation with The Propane Education and Research Council.

The National Propane Gas Association – the regulatory body for the propane industry – recommends that propane gas systems be inspected every five years. Lakes Gas believes that all gas systems, regardless of size or type, should be checked for any deficiencies on a regular basis.

When you become a new Lakes Gas customer, you will receive a Gas System Safety Inspection (GSSI) when we initially set your tank. This inspection takes one to two hours and includes a visual inspection of all your gas appliances, as well as a leak test and pressure test on your entire system. The technician will show you how the valves and gauges on your tank work to ensure safe, efficient propane system operation. He or she will also familiarize you with the odor of propane and tell you what actions to take in the event of a system leak or malfunction.

Furthermore, we’ll inspect your tank to make sure it’s operating correctly every time we refill your propane.

Please contact your local Lakes Gas office for more information on the GSSI and other available safety inspections.

Service Interruption

If your service is interrupted, please close the service valve on the tank and shut off all appliance valves.

Possible causes for service interruption include:

  • A new or modified system is placed into service.
  • A gas leak is suspected.
  • A gas meter or regulator is replaced.
  • An appliance or appliance connector is replaced.
  • You ran out of gas.

In order for service to be reinstated, a Lakes Gas technician will need access to the inside of your home to perform a code required leak test and start all gas appliances. Please note, if we are unable to get inside, the container valve will be left in the off position and service will not be reinstated, and there will be an additional charge for a second service call to your home to perform the required leak test and start all gas appliances.

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