Add Propane Tank Exchange Program To Your Business!

Written on: April 3, 2023

Partner with Lakes Gas to Grow Your Business With a Propane Cylinder Exchange!

propane refill for store wisconsin Are you ready to take the next step in expanding your business? Lakes Gas is here to help with our propane tank exchange services!

Our propane tank exchange services are comprehensive and unequaled. We offer more than other businesses and guarantee that our supply of quality, safe, certified propane tanks will always meet your needs. Plus, they arrive already clean and neat – making them an attractive option for your customers. You can count on us to provide the amount of tanks you need without fail!

We also provide safe, clean, and attractive tank storage cages.

The benefits of a propane tank exchange

When customers visit your store for propane tank exchange or purchase, why not give them the opportunity to explore all of your products? By taking a few extra minutes to browse through what you have on offer, customers can save themselves from having to travel elsewhere and get everything they need in one go.

Are you a convenience store owner? If so, this example is perfect for you! When customers come in looking for propane cylinders for a cookout, they will likely also grab snacks and other items like soda or buns. Even better: if your shop doubles as a gas station then people can fill up their car while they’re there too – killing two birds with one stone!

Have you ever contemplated the advantages of a propane tank exchange program in your garden store? Not only is it an exemplary service that sets you ahead of other businesses, but customers who exchange their tanks might end up purchasing plants and extra gardening tools before they leave!

Grocers stand to benefit immensely from offering a propane tank exchange service. It’s convenient for customers who want to complete multiple errands in one trip, and your store will look attractive with the added option of a propane tank exchange.

Hardware and home improvement stores are natural places for propane tank exchange. Not only will customers leave with an up-to-date and safe propane tank, they might also pick up some additional items such as grill utensils, patio furniture and accessories, or outdoor appliances like firepits and heaters. They might even shop for a new propane grill!

The Lakes Gas propane tank exchange program also helps you connect with businesses. In addition to the 20-lb. tanks for grills and other outdoor propane appliances, we also offer 33-lb. forklift cylinders for your exchange service. Someone from a nearby business can come to your store and exchange their empty cylinders for full ones. Let’s say you’re a convenience store with this service. The people coming in could also end up buying drinks, lunch, coffee, and snacks as well.

Propane tank refill services

Offering propane tank refills is another great service that retail businesses can offer. People may already have a tank and just want it topped off. The same goes for businesses who have forklift propane cylinders.

Rely on Lakes Gas to ensure that your business is always equipped to satisfy its customers with propane dispensers and our dependable bulk propane delivery. Furthermore, you can trust that all staff will be thoroughly instructed in the correct methods of filling and dispensing cylinders safely.

Contact Lakes Gas today for a consultation about how a propane cylinder exchange service can help your business.