Propane Is a Part of America’s Energy Solution

Written on: November 22, 2021

Propane is the Versatile, Valuable Choice for Eco-Friendly Fuel

alternative energy wisconsinPropane isn’t always mentioned alongside other green energy options when discussing America’s energy solutions, but it should be. Propane has more to offer than many realize, and is a valuable resource that can save home and business owners throughout Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota lots of money as they responsibly transition to using more sustainable energy sources.

Great Versatility

Propane is great for heating homes and businesses, because it’s so affordable and good for the environment too. But did you know that it has lots of other uses, both commercially and residentially?

Bulk Propane Meets a Variety of Home and Commercial Needs, While Lowering Emissions

Our highest grade of propane tanks and cylinders satisfy all businesses propane needs. Lakes Gas offers propane cylinder exchange options for residential, retail, and commercial purposes. State and local authorities have strict regulations for dispensing propane, and we can help you stay on top of all those requirements. Lakes Gas will ensure that all appropriate and necessary permits are acquired and available to all parties involved.

Propane AutoGas Solves Transportation Cost Issues, Whilst Shrinking Carbon Footprint

Our propane autogas program helps entities with transportation services keep their costs low. Construction sites, forklift operators, police departments, emergency services, and school buses can all utilize propane autogas to save big on their transportation costs, while also lowering their emissions. Plus, propane autogas is:

Let Lakes Gas Help Your Home Thrive and Your Business Grow!

Being part of America’s energy solution means taking advantage of all propane has to offer our world. Contact Lakes Gas today to learn more about how we can help your family or business get the most out of propane in the Upper Midwest region.