Are Propane Fireplaces Efficient?

Written on: February 20, 2023

Get comfort and energy efficiency!

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If you love the cozy comfort of relaxing by a fire in a fireplace, but hate the hassle and work involved with a wood-burning fireplace, you have an alternative.

Take pleasure in the comfort of a roaring fire with convenience at the push of a button by installing a propane gas fireplace. When finished, simply switch it off without having to worry about any mess. Get ready for cozy fires at your fingertips!

If you’d like this for your home, you can have it thanks to dependable propane delivery, propane tank installation and leasing, and wireless propane tank monitoring that ensures your propane fireplace will always have the fuel it needs.

How much propane do propane gas fireplaces use?

You might be curious about how much propane your gas fireplace will use because that could affect your propane bills. However, you’ll likely be surprised to find out that it doesn’t use as much propane as you initially thought!

A propane fireplace that has a 50,000-British thermal unit (BTU) capacity will use one gallon of fuel every two hours when working. On average, this means that you consume 1 gallon of propane for every 100,000 BTUs your model generates.

Propane fireplaces are more cost-effective than wood-burning fireplaces, providing an economical and attractive solution for your home. On average, a cord of wood can cost up to $300 and that’s without factoring in the delivery charges (which may be around $75) or stacking costs ($80+).

When it comes to efficiency, propane reigns supreme over wood. Nowadays, propane fireplace inserts are incredibly efficient and economical with up to 80% heat efficiency, providing substantially more warmth than a wood fire. In stark contrast, an astonishing 90% of the heat generated by a wood-burning fireplace is wasted, sent out of your home through the chimney! Have you ever been in a room where the temperature rapidly drops as your fire starts to dwindle? That’s because all of its warmth has been siphoned up the flue.

To heat expansive areas, such as a big family room or an open-concept living/dining area and kitchen, consider investing in a propane gas fireplace with multispeed blowers. This way you can be sure that the warm air will reach all corners of your space efficiently.

What are the advantages of propane fireplaces?

You get so much more out of a propane fireplace besides its superior energy efficiency and heating.

For starters, it’s much less expensive to install a propane fireplace than a masonry fireplace needed to burn wood. A propane fireplace can be installed in a day. Masonry fireplace installation can take weeks, make a dusty mess in your home, and the cost can easily go into five figures.

If you’re searching for a realistic, visually appealing flame, propane fireplaces are the superior choice when compared to electric fireplaces.

Whether you prefer something classic like oak or rustic like birch and driftwood, gas logs offer a range of styles to choose from that perfectly imitate real wood. Propane fireplaces come in all kinds of styles, including traditional, Victorian, contemporary, and country.

With dependable propane delivery and service from Lakes Gas, you can enjoy the comfort of a high-efficiency propane gas fireplace in your home! Become a customer today.