Our Budget Program Is Now Open!

Written on: August 1, 2022

How does the propane budget program work?

budget plan enrollment wisconsinWith fuel prices soaring across the board lately, we are proud to remain priced like the local guys. When you go with Lakes Gas, you won’t see excessive fees or any of the other “extras” that make some of our larger competitors so expensive. Our local pricing keeps your bills under control—always. Even so, we recognize that many of our customers have special budget constraints during times like these. That’s why we offer budget and payment options to make things more manageable, with no surprises. Read on to learn more about what Lakes Gas can do for you.

Budget program: 2022-2023 plans starting NOW!

Our Budget Program is one of our most popular plan options, and that’s just one reason you don’t want to miss out. Here’s how it works: The budget propane price is the current discounted retail market price at the time of delivery. It is subject to move up or down with the market. We put a cap-not-to-exceed price in effect for upside protection on the market, for no extra charge. That means even if prices skyrocket, your costs won’t!

Our pricing process is upfront and simple

Here’s how your budget plan is calculated:

Lakes Gas has payment programs that work for your budget

To review the full details of any of our payment programs, please contact us to learn more about all that Lakes Gas can offer you. From families to forklift operators to farmers—and everybody in between—the level of propane service you’ll get from Lakes Gas makes us the right choice for your home, farm or business, and your budget, too.