Bulk Propane Delivery for Your Business

Written on: October 2, 2023

Get the job done with commercial propane services from Lakes Gas!

bulk propane wisconsin Propane is an essential energy source for a wide range of Upper Midwest businesses, from farms to warehouses and distribution centers to construction.

Lakes Gas is the region’s leader for customized commercial propane services. In addition to forklift cylinder and autogas services, we provide bulk propane delivery tailored to the needs of your business.

How do businesses use bulk propane?

Propane’s versatility, clean burning, and energy efficiency make it an outstanding energy source for many types of Upper Midwest businesses. Here are some of its applications.

Heating – Propane provides exceptional heating for various commercial settings, such as offices, warehouses, and more. This is due to the highly efficient nature of propane heating systems, with up to 98% efficiency. With this level of efficiency, only a mere 2 cents of every dollar spent on propane for heating is lost during combustion.

Water heating – Propane water heaters can significantly and efficiently heat water faster than electric water heaters. This can lead to substantial cost savings on energy, particularly for businesses that require large amounts of hot water, like commercial laundries and laundromats. Embracing propane water heaters not only enhances energy efficiency but also ensures optimal performance and economical benefits.

Temporary construction heating – By utilizing temporary construction heating equipment like space heaters and ground thawing equipment, you can effectively mitigate the adverse effects of frigid winter temperatures on your construction projects. This proactive measure ensures the protection of materials, promotes seamless project advancement, and prioritizes the safety and comfort of your workers as they bring the job to completion.

Hospitality – Propane commercial clothes dryers offer 25% faster drying times compared to electric models, resulting in less wear and fewer wrinkles. This not only helps you save on energy costs but also enhances the efficiency of your housekeeping. Propane is a versatile fuel used in various applications, including restaurants and commercial kitchens. It powers ranges, broilers, deep fryers, water heaters, grills, warming stations, and even outdoor deck and patio heating. Additionally, it adds warmth and ambiance to firepits.

Agriculture – Propane’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of farm tasks, such as flame weed control, crop drying, and powering forklifts. It offers farmers a flexible and efficient solution for these essential operations.

Landscaping and lawn maintenance – Landscaping and lawn care businesses can make a wise investment in the future by opting for propane-powered equipment. Propane offers a cleaner burn, ensuring a safer environment for both you and your employees, as compared to gasoline or diesel. Moreover, propane equipment boasts a longer lifespan with reduced maintenance requirements, leading to enhanced profitability in the long run.

Generators –Power outages can have devastating effects on businesses. A propane standby commercial generator not only ensures that the lights stay on, but also keeps critical systems running smoothly. It provides uninterrupted power supply to vital technology such as servers, maintains the proper temperature for essential medical equipment in hospitals and healthcare facilities like nursing homes, preserves the integrity of refrigeration systems in grocery stores, restaurants, and commercial kitchens, and much more.

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