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bulk propane company minnesota Propane’s versatility, clean burning, and energy efficiency make it an ideal energy source for a wide range of businesses here in the Upper Great Lakes.

Lakes Gas provides dependable commercial propane services to make sure your business can take advantage of everything propane has to offer. We offer a variety of services such as bulk propane delivery that is customized to your needs, forklift propane cylinder exchange services, propane autogas services, construction propane services, and agricultural propane services.

Here are just some of the ways businesses use propane for efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness.

Propane for construction

Even when the temperature drops, construction companies need to find ways to power through. Propane can assist with this by supplying space heaters for indoors and thawing frozen equipment for outdoors, so that paving and concrete work can still continue. Furthermore, propane generators help charge batteries for other machines, always keeping them prepared to be used.

Propane forklifts

Many benefits come along with propane-powered forklifts as compared to electric or gasoline models. For example, you can simply swap out an empty cylinder for a full one and it’s good to go again. With electric battery recharging (which always takes a minimum eight hours), there is significant downtime, and with gasoline-powered forklifts, there’s always the risk of messy fuel spillage. On the other hand, propane-fueled forklifts don’t have these issues. They can be used both indoors and outdoors; plus, they’re environmentally friendly.

Propane for agriculture

The agriculture in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota includes dairy, meat, grain, produce, and more. And propane helps those farmers in many ways.

Not only is propane budget-friendly, but it also heats barns, greenhouses, and other outbuildings while providing power for standby generators for homes and outbuildings. Using propane to dry crops is more cost-effective than any other method—plus, yields are higher. Propane-based weed control is an eco-friendly solution to the soil contamination caused by herbicides. Plus, you can get right back to work in your field!

Propane for fleet fueling

Many businesses spend a significant amount of money and energy on fueling their fleets. Our propane autogas services make fleet fueling more streamlined because the fuel is on-site at your business, and you don’t have to deal with as much records-keeping, making managing your fleet’s fueling more efficient. Additionally, autogas is less expensive than gasoline or diesel, emissions are cut down dramatically, and there is almost no risk of fuel theft.

Propane for hospitality businesses

Propane is a great energy source for hospitality businesses such as hotels, inns, vacation home rentals, restaurants, supper clubs, caterers, resorts, event centers and banquet halls.

Many commercial kitchen appliances, including cooktops and ovens, can be powered by propane. This is useful in areas where natural gas lines are not available. Propane-powered appliances also include broilers, water heaters, warming trays, and grills.

Not only can propane be used for cooking at hotels, inns, and bed-and-breakfasts, but it is also the perfect fuel source for high-efficiency heating systems, water heaters, and commercial dryers. Not only do propane-powered dryers get laundry done 25% faster than electric ones, but they also reduce wear and tear on clothing as well as wrinkles. This makes housekeeping work more efficiently overall.

Get reliable commercial propane services from Lake Gas! Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Lakes Gas makes having a propane tank easy!

gas tank installation Lakes Gas is your one-stop shop when it comes to propane tanks!

We carry a wide range of propane tank sizes and offer expert propane tank installation and worry-free propane tank leasing.

You also get dependable propane delivery. You can choose our convenient, hassle-free Automatic Delivery. And, for the ultimate peace of mind, we offer wireless propane tank monitoring.

What size propane tank do I need?

We’ve been in business for more than 60 years, and over that time, we’ve developed a personal, responsive service for our customers that extends to our propane tank services. We’ll choose the right propane tank for your home to fit your needs.

Simply because you and a friend have comparable homes, doesn’t mean that you will both need the same size propane tank. There are several factors that play into deciding the right sized propane tank for your home which include but are not limited to: how often you use propane, how many appliances in your home use propane, etc.

Lakes Gas carries these propane tank sizes. The information gives you an idea of the propane tank size you may need for your home.

120-gallon tanks. This size propane tank is ideal for use with one or two small appliances like a range or fireplace. These tanks are vertical, which many customers appreciate because they are less conspicuous in their yards.

250-gallon tank. Do you use propane for two or three appliances around your home, like a water heater, range, or space heater? This size will meet those needs. However, it is not a large enough tank if you heat your home with propane.

500-gallon tanks. If you use propane for home heating, this is the size tank you’ll need. Even if you don’t heat with propane but have three or more propane appliances such as a water heater, stove, fireplace or clothes dryer, you’ll need a tank this size. This is the size tank you’ll need for a propane whole-house backup generator. It can hold enough propane to provide your home with power for about one week. These are horizontal tanks, which means they’re shorter and wider so that they can be easily hidden with lattices, trellis or plants.

1,000-gallon tanks. Big tanks like this are most commonly found in commercial and industrial settings. But it you have a large home and use propane for high-BTU appliances, such as heating, pool and spa heating, cooking, or even just fireplaces, then this size tank may be required.

Should I buy or lease my propane tank?

Although you may appreciate the freedom that having your own propane tank entails, keep in mind that it also includes certain financial responsibilities. In addition to buying the tank and paying for installation, you are responsible for all future maintenance and repair costs. If you don’t properly care for your propane tank, you may not be able to get deliveries if your propane supplier deems your tank unsafe.

When you sign up for affordable propane tank leasing with Lakes Gas, you don’t have to worry about the hassle or expense! We take care of everything by installing your tank with a high-pressure regulator and mounting blocks. Relax knowing that we will take care of all the maintaining and repairs for your propane tank. We want you to have peace of mind about your tank’s safe operation.

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of propane tank installation and leasing with Lakes Gas! Get in touch with us today to get started.

Lakes Gas offers customized propane forklift services!

gas forklifts wisconsin Many Upper Midwest businesses have begun using propane-powered forklifts in recent years because they offer advantages that other types of forklifts don’t.

At Lakes Gas, we go above and beyond to ensure that your business or farm is getting the most out of your propane forklifts. Our locally based company offers responsive, personalized forklift propane service.

The commercial propane experts at your local Lakes Gas office will assess your business and discuss how propane forklifts are used. With that information, we’ll formulate a personalized cylinder exchange plan for you and provide thorough safety training in the safe handling of propane cylinders.

What makes propane forklifts superior to electric or gasoline forklifts?

Power. Propane forklifts outperform electric ones as they can carry heavier loads and work better on inclines, all while running on full power as long as there is propane in the cylinder. Electric forklifts, on the other hand, lose power as their batteries are drained.

Cost-effectiveness. An electric forklift might need up to eight hours to recharge, meaning that if the battery dies during a shift, your crew is now one forklift short. You’ll also need sufficient space and cash flow for electric forklift charging stations. Propane forklifts have the longest running times between refuels of any fuel. It only takes a few minutes to refuel a propane forklift: Simply exchange the empty forklift cylinder for a full one!

Safety. Propane forklifts are versatile enough to be used both indoors and out, as long as the necessary safety guidelines are followed.

Versatility. If you need a forklift that can be used both indoors and outdoors, propane is the way to go. Gasoline-powered forklifts are not permitted for indoor use, and electric forklifts are inefficient and ineffective in certain situations outdoors. But propane forklifts can do it all!

Environmental friendliness. Propane-powered forklifts not only produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-fueled forklifts, but if there is a propane leak, there is no environmental damage. Although electric forklifts don’t produce emissions, they aren’t as environmentally friendly as propane ones. The majority of the nation’s electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants, which creates a large carbon footprint.

What kind of businesses use propane forklifts?

The advantages propane forklifts have makes them ideal for a wide range of Upper Midwest businesses. Here are some of them.

Manufacturing. Propane forklifts are an essential part of our local manufacturing plants. They have many advantages over gasoline-powered and electric models, including the fact that they don’t produce harmful emissions. This means they can be used indoors as well as outside, and they’re more efficient than electric models since they don’t need to be sidelined for recharging.

Farms. Propane forklifts are a crucial asset to have on any farm! They can speedily and effectively transport bags of seeds, flats of plants, sod, bales of hay, and more around the property.

Warehouses and distribution centers. Because one-day shipping has become the norm, orders need to be moved quickly. Thanks to almost zero downtime for refueling, as well as indoor/outdoor use, propane forklifts are ideal.

Construction. Moving heavy materials like bags of concrete, pallets of flooring, and other items is made easier with propane forklifts. With their powerful engines and ability to navigate rough terrain, these forklifts can make your job much easier.

Contact your local Lakes Gas office to learn more about our forklift cylinder exchange services!


WYOMING, MINNESOTA – November 1, 2022 – Lakes Gas, headquartered in Wyoming, Minn. is pleased to announce that it has acquired the propane operations of Hohl’s Propane in Baraboo, Wisconsin. This transaction is Lakes Gas’ third acquisition of 2022.

Hohl’s Propane was started in 1985 by Vern Hohl. The company sells and delivers propane to residential, agricultural, and commercial customers in 6 counties in the Wisconsin Dells area in southern Wisconsin.

“We are pleased to add to our market strength in southern Wisconsin,” Lakes Gas CEO, Trent Hampton, said. “Hohl’s Propane customers can expect us to continue to provide outstanding customer service and to remain involved in the local communities. In addition, they will have greater access to more purchasing programs and online services.”

“I am grateful that Lakes Gas was there when I was ready to sell,” said Vern Hohl. “After 37 years in the business, it was a difficult decision to sell, but the Lakes Gas team has been very helpful during the transition.”


About Lakes Gas
Founded in 1959, Lakes Gas is now one of the largest family-owned propane providers in the country. Our 51 locations in the upper Midwest are staffed by employees who live in the communities they serve.

Media Contact
Name: Stephanie Hennen
Email: shennen@lakesgas.com
Website: www.lakesgas.com

Propane — An Affordable, U.S.- Made Fuel

why propane wisconsin Most people are familiar with propane to some degree – especially if they enjoy outdoor grilling – but do you know what it actually is and how it’s made? Read on to learn more about what propane is and how this clean-burning natural fuel can help make your life easier and your space more comfortable.

What is propane and where does it come from?

  • This low-carbon-content fuel is made primarily from domestic natural gas. In the U.S., propane occurs as a byproduct of natural gas processing. When condensation is removed from natural gas pipelines, the propane is then collected.
  • Even though propane is nontoxic, colorless, and odorless, suppliers add a rotten-egg scent to propane to make any leaks simple to detect. Leaks don’t commonly occur though, so long as propane is stored properly.
  • Propane occurs in a gaseous form but is stored as a liquid because it’s easier to transport that way. Liquid propane is nearly 270 times more compact as a liquid than in its gas form.

Propane is an ideal fuel for many purposes, even beyond your water heater and heating your home with your furnace, boiler, space heater, or fireplace. A smart choice over other fuels, it’s also useful for stoves and grills, as well as for outdoor use, including lawnmowers, pool heating, and outside lighting. And the peace of mind is never far off when you have a propane-fueled generator.

Propane is energy-efficient and affordable

This comes as a surprise to many people, but homes that are run on electricity are actually less energy efficient than those running on propane. And it is pretty straightforward – propane gives a big bang for your buck on your energy bills. Since propane naturally burns hotter, it feels warmer, and the energy produced creates a larger impact. Your utility bills will cost less with such an efficient fuel working for you, especially when paired with propane appliances.

Propane is safe

Lakes Gas technicians are trained to keep you and your family safe – it’s our number one priority. Our staff is certified by the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), in cooperation with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). Propane has an excellent safety record, and we’re proud to be a part of that.

Propane is a sustainable fuel solution for businesses and modern farms

Businesses throughout the region choose propane delivery and propane services in order to best serve their customers. This cost-effective fuel is environmentally friendly and incredibly efficient, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of commercial operations, including construction, forklift operations, temporary heating, autogas fleets, cylinder exchanges, and more.

From crop drying to coop heating and beyond, propane is the ideal fuel for modern farms and it’s used by about 320,000 farms in the U.S. today. You’ll see lower fuel costs with propane-powered irrigation engines, which deliver high horsepower and low emissions. And crop drying with propane offers such highly efficient performance that you’ll make the most of your profit potential while minimizing any crop loss.

Propane is reliable

Lakes Gas has an extensive background in delivering propane to homes, farms, and businesses throughout the Upper Midwest, especially in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

  • Propane is home-grown: Being American-made doesn’t automatically protect propane from market fluctuations, but it does mean this fuel is more insulated from the impact of the global market.
  • No need to rely on the power grid: When a power outage comes along, people who rely on electricity may be powerless – literally – for days, or longer. With propane, you don’t have this risk.
  • Your supply, your decision: Since your tank is on your own property, you can store the fuel you need, and avoid dealing with any potential shortages that occur in your community.

Trust Lakes Gas with your propane needs

Family-owned for over 60 years, Lakes Gas is among the largest propane providers in the Upper Midwest. But don’t let our size fool you: At each of our 48 locations, we operate with a small-town, local feel, with employees who live in the communities they serve. We make it a priority to pay personal attention to each and every one of our customers. Take your comfort up to the next level with propane.

For reliable propane delivery and equipment installation and service in the region, contact us to become a part of the Lakes Gas family today.

Does grilling with propane beat natural gas?

propane grills wisconsin

Are propane grills really better than natural gas grills? Well, it depends on your grilling priorities! Propane’s low carbon content makes it environmentally friendly and its high efficiency makes it cost-effective. Plus, the food just plain tastes better! If you currently grill using natural gas, read on to learn why making the transition to propane is a sensible option.

Benefits of propane grilling

  • Propane burns cleaner because it is natural and non-toxic. It does not emit harmful greenhouse gases, harm animals, or contaminate water or soil.
  • Propane burns hotter and cooks faster. Cooks can save time without sacrificing food quality or accuracy and precision. You’re in control and can raise or lower the heat with a turn of the dial.
  • Propane is as versatile as the grill master. You can cook a wide variety of food well with propane. Just because it has the ability to cook quickly doesn’t mean you need to rush the process. Propane grilling works well for quick searing as well as slow-cooking, and everything in between.
  • Propane-grilled food is delicious. Bid farewell to the worst thing about natural gas grills: butane-flavored fare. Propane-grilled food is consistently yummy and tastes like it’s supposed to taste.
  • Propane is cheaper. Because propane is cost-efficient, you don’t need to cut back on grilling out. You can grill every night if you like – invite the neighbors!

Propane advantages vs. natural gas

If you’re looking for a fuel option – for your grill or otherwise –that’s free of interruptions, has no pipeline issues, and won’t be easily affected by factors including accidents, weather, and deterioration, look to propane to:

  • Eliminate supply issues. Transporting and storing propane presents homeowners with a clear edge over natural gas, as the supply and related repairs are not reliant on an off-site supply.
  • Go off-grid, if you like. Propane delivery is also more reliable as it does not have geographical requirements, which natural gas pipelines do.
  • Have more control. You can keep your tank on your own property and, depending on your needs, you can even set up a backup propane home generator.

Propane grill cylinder exchange and refill program for businesses

Propane grilling can benefit businesses and residential customers alike. Lakes Gas partners with businesses so they can offer on-site propane cylinder refills. Here’s an overview of how we can help:

  • Get your customers grilling and RVing. You’ll find frame-mounted tanks and pumps at convenience stores and gas stations. They’re ideal for filling grill tanks and tanks for recreational vehicles (RVs).
  • Swap and Go Program for 20-lb. BBQ Cylinders. Commercial and residential customers can bring empty 20-lb. BBQ Cylinders to your business and swap them out for full cylinders there.

To become part of the Lakes Gas Cylinder Exchange and Refill Program for your Michigan, Minnesota or Wisconsin business, get in touch with us today.

Take your grilling from good to great, with Lakes Gas propane

Let Lakes Gas help you determine the right cylinder or tank for your household or business’s needs by connecting with one of our experts today. If you’re interested in becoming a Lakes Gas customer, we can help you get all set up so you can enjoy service that’s unmatched in the region.


CLEAR LAKE, MINNESOTA –October 7, 2022 –Lakes Gas is excited to partner with Independent School District 15 to provide a clean, comfortable, and cost-effective solution to diesel-powered buses.

ISD 15, headquartered in St. Francis, Minnesota is located in a rural community just north of Minneapolis. Comprised of nine surrounding schools, the school district educates more than 5,000 students; about 75% ride the bus to school each day.

“Propane provided countless benefits to our bus fleet and at almost no cost: the buses are more efficient, easier to start, warmer in the winter, easier to maintain, and cleaner for the environment,” said Peggy Tesdahl, ISD 15 Transportation Supervisor.

During the 2022-2023 school year, 47 of the district’s buses will be powered by propane. This has allowed the school to save approximately $600,000 per year on fuel costs alone when compared to diesel buses. The District is also adding another 8 propane buses to its fleet in the coming weeks.

Propane-powered buses also warm up quickly on the inside without lengthy idle periods. Propane buses don’t require block heaters that are needed in diesel buses to warm up the bus. This has also helped the school district save around $10,000 a year on their electricity bill. Propane buses have no problem starting and heating up in the frigid cold temperatures that are seen in Central Minnesota.

“We’re proud to be associated with the St. Francis School District,” said Mark Clasen, Regional Manager for Lakes Gas. “Peggy and the team at ISD 15 have been great to work with and we are excited that they have committed to helping the environment by powering their fleet with an energy source that produces 43% less greenhouse gas emissions than the current electric grid.”

To learn more about the benefits of propane and propane-powered buses, visit propane.com


About Lakes Gas
Founded in 1959,the Lakes Gas home office is in Wyoming, MN, and is now one of the largest family-owned propane providers in the country. Our 50 locations in the upper Midwest are proudly staffed by employees who live in the communities they serve.

Media Contact
Name: Stephanie Hennen
Website: www.lakesgas.com


WYOMING, MINNESOTA – September 14, 2022 – Lakes Gas, headquartered in Wyoming, Minn. is pleased to announce that it has acquired the propane operations of Blackhawk Propane in South Beloit, Illinois.

Blackhawk Propane sells and delivers propane to residential, agricultural, and commercial customers in 10 counties in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1982 by Bob Zeek, Sr. and Bob Zeek, Jr., who were also in the welding supply business. Bob Zeek, Jr. has served as President since the death of his father, and his mother Ann manages the office. Like Lakes Gas, Blackhawk has focused on providing local service in the communities they serve.

“We are pleased to join forces with Lakes Gas,” said Bob Zeek, Jr. “It was a difficult decision to sell, but Trent and the Lakes Gas team have been great to work with.”

“We are grateful to be associated with Blackhawk Propane, and with Bob and Ann,” Lakes Gas CEO Trent Hampton commented. “We intend to honor the legacy of the Zeek family as we do the Sargeant family’s history at Lakes Gas. And we are very excited to extend our footprint into northern Illinois and the southern tier of counties in Wisconsin.”


About Lakes Gas
Founded in 1959, Lakes Gas is now one of the largest family-owned propane providers in the country. Our 50 locations in the upper Midwest are staffed by employees who live in the communities they serve.

Media Contact
Name: Stephanie Hennen
Email: shennen@lakesgas.com
Website: www.lakesgas.com

You can rely on safe, efficient propane

propane benefits wisconsinThese days, we’re all experiencing the painful effects of higher energy prices. Spurred by persistent supply issues, market speculation, and fuel disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine, all energy prices have surged this year.

However, households and businesses that use propane can take some comfort in the fact that their fuel prices have increased less than other energy sources — in fact, propane prices have actually remained stable in recent months.

When you choose propane, you’re choosing a fuel that offers a wide range of benefits. Read on to learn more about how propane can help your family or business save, and what sets this fuel apart from others, in terms of efficiency, stability, and affordability.

The many benefits of propane

Propane is a U.S.-produced fuel. While it’s not totally insulated from market fluctuations, it’s more stable than other fuels, making it a safe and reliable choice. Propane is also a remarkably efficient fuel, both from an energy usage and cost standpoint.

Propane is energy and cost-efficient

When it comes to saving money on energy bills, propane gives a big bang for your buck. Since propane naturally burns hotter, it feels warmer, and the energy produced creates a larger energy output. Your energy bills will be lower with such an efficient fuel working for you, especially if you have propane-powered appliances.

Across the board, propane appliances are more efficient than their electric counterparts. With an average efficiency of more than 90%, propane heats up super quickly. Propane boilers and furnaces provide more efficient heat than electric heat pumps. And, if you have an electric water heater and are thinking about switching to propane, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast the water heats up. That means less wasted energy and more savings for you.

Propane is safe

Propane is among the safest fuels for heating and beyond, and at Lakes Gas, safety is our top priority.

Our Propane Safety page includes many helpful tips and suggestions for keeping your home as safe as possible. When you become a Lakes Gas customer, we’ll provide you with a Gas System Safety Inspection (GSSI) at the time we initially set your tank.

Propane is reliable

Most folks have seen in the media what happened with the electric grids in New York and California, and it makes sense to want to avoid a similar emergency. It’s a smart option if you need to be off the grid. If you’re in a geographical area where access to utility services can be spotty, propane is a smart, reliable option. Your tank is on your property, and supply issues across the community do not affect you since you have your own supply.

With propane, you’re in control – if you want to be. Or, you can ask the experts at Lakes Gas to keep an eye on your propane gauge and predict your usage patterns. You’ll never run out of propane with our automatic delivery program. Either way, you won’t be relying on the electrical infrastructure and utility companies for your fuel needs.

Turn to Lakes Gas with all of your propane needs!

Explore how propane can benefit your family or business in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how propane keeps you reliably and affordably comfortable. When you become a customer at Lakes Gas, you’ll enjoy service that’s unmatched in the region.

We’ll monitor your tank for you

tank monitor app wisconsinAutomatic propane delivery doesn’t work like subscription grocery shipments or office supplies. If your propane delivery arrives before you need it, you can’t just store the excess propane on a shelf in the laundry room next to the toilet paper. And worse – if your propane delivery isn’t scheduled on time, you can’t just run next door and ask to borrow what you need.

That’s why it matters that you choose an automatic propane delivery service that is precise and is based on your actual propane usage in the upper Midwest. How can you get that type of accuracy? With a wireless tank monitor!

Tank Utility wireless tank monitor pairs perfectly with automatic delivery

When you opt for automatic propane delivery, a wireless tank monitor makes it easy for us to know if your usage is up or down from your usual patterns. This tells us when you’re ready for your next propane delivery, and keeps you from ever having to worry about a run-out in your Minnesota or Wisconsin home.

Tank Utility wireless tank monitors can be installed on aboveground propane tanks or belowground propane tanks. They are ideal for most standard residential tanks. Here’s how it works:

  • Not handy? Not a problem. We’ll install your tank monitor for you – the right way, the first time.
  • We’ll monitor the monitor. A transmitter in the monitor keeps Lakes Gas updated on how much propane is in your tank.
  • We’re on notice, so you never run out. Once your tank gauge reaches a certain level, we get a notification.
  • No busy work or calendar juggling for you. We will schedule your delivery, with plenty of time to spare before you’re even close to a run-out.
  • Skipping a delivery. When you’re on automatic delivery, you can always skip a delivery if you need to. The tank monitor lets us know we shouldn’t show up on your doorstep with propane you don’t need.

Tank monitoring means saying “so long!” to propane runouts

There are many benefits to having a quality tank monitor on hand, including:

  • Convenient wireless capabilities. Imagine being able to monitor your tank level from anywhere with your cell phone.
  • Integrated tech options. You can keep up with your propane level as well with the help of a Tank Utility mobile app right on your phone!
  • Peace of mind while you’re away. While tank monitors are helpful to have on your own property, they’re especially helpful—and valuable—if you’re away from home for an extended period of time, or at a second home.
  • Hassle-free tune-ups and tech support. We’ll take care of any required maintenance your monitor needs.
  • Avoid run-outs, effortlessly. If you’ve never had a run-out before, don’t start now! And if you have experienced the inconvenience and expense of a run-out, you know it’s something worth avoiding in the future.

Enjoy all that Lakes Gas has to offer

We know that customers are often concerned about a run-out, and that’s why we offer an easy way to get the peace of mind you need. Lakes Gas offers propane delivery without the worry and without the hassle, plus tank monitoring services that take the burden off your shoulders when you become a customer. Want to learn more about tank monitors or how Lakes Gas can help you figure out your household’s propane needs? Contact us today!