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propane for agriculture wisconsin Lakes Gas provides customized and comprehensive agricultural propane services for farms all around Wisconsin and Minnesota.

We’ll create a bulk propane delivery plan for your farm, so you always have the propane you need to keep your farm running smoothly. We also provide propane forklift services, which allow you to move materials such as hay bales and seed bags quickly and safetly.

With propane autogas, your farm vehicles and tractors run efficiently with zero emissions and no worries about gasoline or diesel leaks and spills.

What can propane do on a farm?

Propane has many benefits for agricultural operations, including its energy efficiency, versatility, availability, and affordability. You can enjoy these advantages with agricultural propane delivery and service from Lakes Gas.

Heating and water heating – Propane is a dependable energy source that farm owners prefer for efficient heating and hot water in their barns, poultry and hog houses, dairies, and greenhouses. They rely on it for optimal efficiency and better control of energy costs.

Crop drying – Consider upgrading to the new propane-powered crop dryers for their myriad advantages. These dryers are cost effective, eco-friendly, and highly fuel efficient. They boast increased BTUs and can rapidly dry your crops while also reducing your propane expenses.

Propane crop drying is not only beneficial in providing higher yields and minimizing loss risk, but it is also a cost-effective option. Instead of paying someone else to do it for you, it is possible to achieve top-quality results with on-site propane crop drying at a significantly lower cost.

Weed contro – If invasive weeds are not controlled, they can greatly reduce crop yields. Although using chemical herbicides might seem like an easy fix, it is hazardous to both your health and the environment, as well as posing a risk to your employees.

Herbicide treatments are expensive and require a significant amount of time before it is safe to re-enter the fields. However, you can use propane-powered flame weed control to remove weeds quickly without the risk of introducing harmful chemicals to the soil or groundwater. This means you can return to work right away and be more productive.

Eventually, weeds evolve to become resistant to herbicides. They have no resistance against flame weed control.

Generators – Extended power outages can cause severe damage to a farm and its operations. Propane standby generators can quickly restore electricity during unexpected outages, ensuring that crucial systems like lighting and heating remain functional and keeping livestock and poultry safe. Greenhouse plants also receive sustained access to heating and light required for their growth and well-being.

Equipment and vehicles – Propane is a clean-burning fuel that can power various farm equipment, such as irrigation systems and forklifts of different sizes. It enables farmers to move hay bales around their land or transport feed into barns efficiently. Additionally, propane autogas services are available to fuel vehicles.

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