Pricing and Payment Program Options

Written on: June 13, 2022

Choose What Works Best for You

propane payment wisconsinSo much in our world remains unpredictable. We don’t want our customers’ propane bill to be a part of that.

That’s why we encourage customers to take advantage of our most popular programs. These could be very helpful next heating season. Thousands of Lakes Gas customers find that these options make it easier to manage their propane expenses and add predictability to their lives.

Option 1: Prebuy with Locked-In Price

This past winter, our prebuy customers saved significantly when prices rose over the course of the year. This year, our Pre-Buy Program begins July 15.

Option 2: Budget Program with FREE Price Cap

This program divides your estimated annual propane costs into 11 equal payment periods, due on the 10th of each month. The propane price represents the current discounted retail market price at the time of delivery.

Although your price is subject to move up or down with the market, we put a cap, or ceiling, on your price at no extra charge. Many of our customers on the Budget Program saved an average of $350 when propane prices rose last year but their price was capped at a lower price. Our Budget Program begins July 1.

We know our customers look to us to keep their home warm and safe, no matter what winter brings. Rest assured, when you put your confidence in us, we deliver.

To review the full details of any of our payment programs, please contact us. One of our expert sales representatives will be happy to assist you.