Clean Path Campaign

Written on: February 3, 2023

To promote safe snow and ice conditions for customers and delivery drivers

With much excitement, we are announcing the Lakes Gas Clean Path Campaign. A campaign created with the sole purpose of promoting safety for our customers and delivery drivers.

What is it?

We ask that our customers maintain a clean driveway and path to your propane tank. When the driver sees your clean path and driveway, they will slip a Clean Path Coupon in the door hanger after the delivery. The coupon will be good for one free 20# fill.

Why is this important?

This ensures that you, your delivery driver, and emergency personnel can access your tank in the event of an emergency. Please remember that a propane delivery truck needs at least a 10-foot-wide path to be able to deliver fuel to your home. When plowing, snow blowing, or shoveling, do not push or pile snow around your tank, meter, regulator, or piping.

Don’t Forget

Make sure to keep ice and snow from accumulating on propane tank and equipment. The snow and ice accumulation can cause cracks or breaks, which can result in a gas leak. When your tank is completely covered in snow, it insulates your tank. This can create issues with the propane being able to vaporize. It could cause your system to stop working, even if you still have propane in the tank.

Gently brush away snow or ice that has accumulated around the tank, meter, regulator, and any other piping. We ask that you do not attempt to remove snow or ice by kicking or hitting equipment, please contact us if you need assistance.

And as always, remember to keep appliance vents clear of snow and ice. Improper venting can cause carbon monoxide to become trapped in your home, causing serious illness or even death.

Mark Your Tank

Mark your tank with a brightly colored stake or flag taller than the maximum anticipated snow depth. Mark your secondary pressure regulator. It is usually near the side of your home. This makes for easy locating for yourself and us to see!

Your Effort is Greatly Appreciated

Keeping a clear driveway and path to your propane tank will not only benefit your safety, but the safety of our drivers as well! This promotion is active until April 1, 2023 at all Lakes Gas service locations.