Commercial Propane Safety Tips for Your Business

Written on: January 22, 2024

Count on Lakes Gas for safe, reliable commercial propane service

commercial propane minnesota Because propane is subject to stringent government regulations and the propane industry has high safety standards upheld by propane companies like Lakes Gas, it has a very strong safety record.

However, it is imperative that your business follows through on practicing propane safety. Fortunately, Lakes Gas is here to help! Our commercial propane experts will answer any questions you have. And we provide propane safety assistance and training when it comes to making sure that your workplace is set up for the safe use of propane.

Ensuring your employees are trained is the most important step with it comes to keeping your workers and job site safe. You need to set the example and be sure you’re trained and knowledgeable about propane safety best practices.

Here are some important tips so your business can enjoy the benefits that propane offers, like energy efficiency and increased productivity, while keeping your workplace and employees safe.

Store propane cylinders properly

Many businesses use propane cylinder exchanges like those provided by Lakes Gas. In these cases, propane cylinder storage cages are provided to reduce the risk of cylinder theft while keeping the cylinders in a safe place. These are some important dos and don’ts for storing cylinders.

Use temporary heating equipment safely

If you use temporary heating equipment at your construction sites in the winter, you know how essential they are for keeping work going even when the Polar Vortex is in town.

Put safety first with these temporary heating equipment safety best practices.

Know what to do in a propane leak

You and your employees need to know best practices in the rare event of a propane leak. This starts with knowing what propane smells like. As propane has no natural scent, an odorant is added during processing. This odorant is commonly ethyl mercaptan, which gives off a distinctive odor that is best described as smelling like rotten eggs or a skunk’s spray.

If you or your employees detect that smell of leaking propane gas, here are some essential things to do.

  1. Do not try to discover the source of the leak. Instead, prioritize evacuating the area immediately.
  2. Put out potential ignition sources such as anything with an open flame.
  3. Do not use any light switches or telephones on your way out, as they can create a spark.
  4. If you can safely access it, shut off the propane supply valve on the propane tank.
  5. Once everyone is safely out, call 911 and Lakes Gas right away.
  6. Stay away from the area of the leak until you are given clearance from first responders to return.

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