Propane for Businesses

Lakes Gas offers propane for commercial use in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin

commercial propane tankeBusinesses throughout the region choose propane delivery and propane services in order to best serve their customers. This cost-effective fuel is environmentally friendly and incredibly efficient, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of commercial operations. Here’s an overview of the commercial services and offerings you’ll find at Lakes Gas.

Forklifts: Our commercial propane services cover a range of offerings. Our team is ready to work with your business no matter what you need. If you need propane for a forklift operation, it’s important to keep in mind that this low-emissions fuel comes with low-maintenance costs and is safe for properly ventilated indoor spaces. No electricity required!

Bulk Propane: If you need bulk propane delivery, we’re here for you. Our services also include temporary heating equipment, which is ideal for work sites that need to stay warm to keep workers comfortable, to enable joint compound and concrete to cure, to allow paint to dry and more.

Construction: Sites that are off the grid stay powered with propane, which keeps power tools charged, generators running and contractors productive, without interruption.

become a customer> With lower emissions than other fuels, propane autogas is an up-and-coming option for fleets across the region, and fleet vehicles of every type can run on it. We set up custom stations for emergency services, school districts, shuttle services and more.

Cylinder Exchange and Refill Programs: For retailers working with residential customers as well as commercial customers, we offer a quick and convenient Swap-and-Go program. Whether you have a 20-pound BBQ cylinder, a 33-pound forklift cylinder or a 100-pound cylinder from a construction site, all you have to do is remove it and bring it in swap with a full tank.

With 48 locations in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Lakes Gas can meet your commercial operation’s propane needs. We also work with organizations at the state and national levels to ensure our customers are aware of all the latest when it comes to equipment rebates. Contact us today to learn more!