Right now, propane is at work on more than 900,000 farms across America. That's nearly 80% of the farms in the country. It's being used to dry and ripen crops, irrigate fields, power generators, irrigation pumps, and other farm equipment, and heat everything from hog barns and poultry production facilities to greenhouses, water tanks and farmhouses.

Whatever your needs are on the farm, you can count on propane from Lakes Gas to efficiently and affordably help.

Propane Uses on the Farm

Propane is used in nearly every aspect of farming. Farmers use propane flaming equipment to combat weeds and insects. Propane heating units keep orchards warm to protect crops from freezing in cold weather. Propane-powered, tankless water heaters help dairy farmers conserve energy, while securing the large supplies of hot water needed to keep milking operations clean and sanitized. Propane is also central to crop moisture control technology, among many other uses. 

Propane Advantages

Many farms depend on propane for daily use because it is:

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Cost effective.
  • Clean.
  • Portable.

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