Bulk Propane for Your Business

Rely on Lakes Gas to exceed your expectations for commercial propane delivery

bulk propaneFrom construction to food services to transportation and beyond, Lakes Gas offers reliable bulk propane delivery throughout Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota. We will meet your bulk propane needs and go above and beyond your expectations on the customer-service front.

We want to make sure you have the most efficient propane system possible, and we can make recommendations to keep your business on track for success.

Our commercial and industrial customers include the following types of businesses—and more:

  • apartment complexes
  • auto body shops
  • churches
  • contractors
  • nursing homes
  • restaurants
  • school bus fleets
  • schools

become a customerWe deliver the highest grade of HD5 propane and have tanks and cylinders to satisfy all of your propane requirements. Contact us right away when you need something so we can assist your business operation right away and ensure that you do not experience any interruptions.

Lakes Gas serves a range of businesses throughout the region.

Commercial operations use the propane we supply for heating facilities such as warehouses and shops, drying, commercial kilns and restaurant ovens and precise stoves, hot water for offices, restaurants and boiler systems and backup generators.

Hotels and hospitals also benefit from bulk propane. They use it for managing linens for large numbers of guests and patients at any given time. With the help of propane-fueled commercial clothes dryers, they can get their laundry turned around quickly and with fewer wrinkles.

Construction sites and professional landscaping businesses in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota put propane to excellent use every day as well, while police departments, emergency services and school bus fleets use propane autogas to transport people in the most cost-effective, low-emissions way possible.

Contact us today to become a bulk propane customer or to learn more about how bulk propane from Lakes Gas can benefit your business.