Propane Services for Contractors

Keep your construction project on track and on time with a little help from Lakes Gas

construction propaneWhen it comes to tanks, cylinders, heaters and propane delivery, Lakes Gas is here to keep your project on schedule and your team on task by ensuring that you have everything you need for your long-term and short-term construction jobs.

Our customized support includes small rental heaters, which we keep in-house inventory of, as well as partnerships with construction heater companies so we can get you what you need—when you need it. Here’s an overview of the contractor and construction services we offer:

  • portable heaters
  • rental programs
  • scheduling
  • site analysis
  • tank sizing
  • temporary tanks and cylinders
  • fire department permit information
  • OSHA, NFPA and state code compliance requirements

become a customerWhen you need propane for construction equipment, you want to know you can trust your supplier. Propane for construction sites includes temporary heating as well.

If you’re new to the world of propane, take a look at these reasons why propane is a solid choice for your construction project.

Propane heating and propane-fueled water heating systems are energy-efficient and ultimately more cost-efficient for your clients and customers.

If you’re a home builder, here are a few reasons why propane is ideal for your clients, who are undoubtedly excited about their new place to reside!

  • Propane allows for an environmentally sustainable lifestyle that does not rely on the grid’s effectiveness. With a propane generator, there’s no need to worry about power outages.
  • Cooking with propane leads to better results than doing so with electricity, as propane ranges offer a level of temperature precision that is unmatched.
  • Clothes dryers operate more efficiently, and leave items with fewer wrinkles.
  • Hot water supply is virtually endless with the help of a propane tankless water heater.
  • Once families are using their outside space, they’ll see how propane-fueled appliances including deck heaters, pool and spa heaters and outdoor lights can extend their summers and increase their quality time with guests.

How can Lakes Gas put its propane services to use in order to meet the needs of your construction, building or remodeling business? Contact us today to find out.