Propane Cylinder Exchange and Refills

Enhance your business with a cylinder exchange or refill program

propane exchange programAs propane use increases at homes and businesses across Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Lakes Gas has options for every propane cylinder need. We offer options for retailers and residential customers alike.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY trained and certified employees should attempt to refill their own propane tanks.

Lakes Gas offers propane cylinder exchange options for retail and commercial purposes

20-lb. BBQ Cylinders
Swap and Go: Commercial and residential customers can bring empty BBQ cylinders to your business and swap them out for full cylinders there.

33-lb. Forklift Cylinders and 100-lb. Construction Site Cylinders
Commercial cylinder exchange: All you have to do is remove your tank, bring it to a Lakes Gas location, and swap it for a full tank.

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Propane refill: Customers come to your business with an empty cylinder, and one of your trained and certified employees will refill it from your Lakes Gas on-site dispenser. You can find Lakes Gas propane dispensers at many gas stations and convenience stores located throughout Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Propane dispensers: Lakes Gas partners with businesses so they can offer on-site propane cylinder refills. Here’s an overview of the equipment we provide.

You’ll find frame-mounted tanks and pumps at convenience stores and gas stations. They’re ideal for filling grill tanks and tanks for recreational vehicles (RVs). If you’d like to set up one at your place of business, Lakes Gas will train your personnel on best practices for filling D.O.T.-approved propane cylinders.

State and municipal authorities have strict regulations for dispensing propane. Lakes Gas will ensure that all appropriate and necessary permits are acquired and available to all parties involved.

To become part of the Lakes Gas Cylinder Exchange and Refill Program for your Michigan, Minnesota or Wisconsin business, contact us today. Have questions? Contact us to speak to our sales department about local codes for your area.