The Lakes Gas management team has implemented a plan for continuity of operations and contingency preparation during the health emergency declared by the state and federal governments.

Our overriding concern is for the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities. We also want to ensure a continued supply of propane to our customers.

Our branch locations will be manned but will not be accepting walk-in traffic at this time. If you need to make a payment, we encourage you to pay by credit card instead of check or cash when possible. If you need to pay by check or cash, a drop box is located at most of our branches, and there will be a sign at the office directing you. You may leave payment at your delivery location according to your normal practice; please contact your branch to inform them that you did so. You may also pay online at

Our local offices will be accepting telephone calls, although we may experience higher-than-normal call volume. You may also email your local branch at the address shown on our website.

Lakes Gas has secured more propane to ensure continued availability to you. We do not anticipate product shortages or interruptions in your supply.

We appreciate your business. Thank you for following these policies during this unusual time. We will keep you updated on our website at

Getting the Job Done

Propane has been the preferred fuel of forklift operations for many years. It delivers proven advantages, including:

  • Low maintenance cost - Propane produces fewer engine deposits than gasoline or diesel, resulting in lower maintenance costs for propane powered forklifts. Additionally, propane engines last typically twice as long as those powered by alternative sources.
  • Lowered indoor pollution - Because propane emits low emissions, it is considered safe to use in properly ventilated indoor environments.
  • High octane ratings - Propane has a higher octane rating than gasoline (104-112 compared with 87-92), potentially offering more horsepower.
  • Heavy-duty sealed fuel cylinders - A sealed energy system provides increased safety because they are equipped with an automatic shut-off feature.
  • Forklift cylinder change out guidelines.

At Lakes Gas, we can provide the propane for your forklifts. We also offer cabinets for cylinder storage, so you can keep your business stocked with propane.

To begin the Lakes Gas new customer process, please contact our Sales Department, as they will be familiar with the local codes for you.

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