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Propane has been the preferred fuel of forklift operations for many years. It delivers proven advantages, including:

  • Low maintenance cost - Propane produces fewer engine deposits than gasoline or diesel, resulting in lower maintenance costs for propane powered forklifts. Additionally, propane engines last typically twice as long as those powered by alternative sources.
  • Lowered indoor pollution - Because propane emits low emissions, it is considered safe to use in properly ventilated indoor environments.
  • High octane ratings - Propane has a higher octane rating than gasoline (104-112 compared with 87-92), potentially offering more horsepower.
  • Heavy-duty sealed fuel cylinders - A sealed energy system provides increased safety because they are equipped with an automatic shut-off feature.
  • Forklift cylinder change out guidelines.

At Lakes Gas, we can provide the propane for your forklifts. We also offer cabinets for cylinder storage, so you can keep your business stocked with propane.

To begin the Lakes Gas new customer process, please contact our Sales Department, as they will be familiar with the local codes for you.

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