Autogas in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota

Turn to Lakes Gas to fuel your fleet with propane autogas

autogasIf you’re looking for dependable propane autogas service for your commercial or industrial fleet, you’re in the right place. Lakes Gas offers a personal touch when it comes to understanding your business, and then we recommend the most efficient autogas solution to suit your unique needs.

We’ll set up a filling station according to your needs. And if your needs change, we’ll adapt to make propane autogas continue to work for you and your fleet. (If you haven’t pumped autogas before, not to worry! It’s similar to using a gasoline pump.)

An added bonus of using propane autogas is that in the event of a leak, this fuel simply dissipates, causing no environmental damage to the soil, water or air around it.

Propane autogas offers a number of benefits over other fuel options

Longer-lasting, cleaner-burning engines: Since autogas is such a clean-burning fuel, the vehicles in your fleet will need less maintenance and they’ll have an extended engine life.

Better air quality: With 20% less CO, 40% fewer nitrogen oxides and 10% less CO2, vehicles powered by autogas have lower emissions, which means everyone has cleaner air.

become a customerLower cost: Historically, propane costs less per gallon than fuels including diesel and gasoline. The long-term savings on maintenance and fuel reveal themselves quickly, even with the cost of converting factored in.

Safety: Did you know that the puncture resistance of a propane tank is 20 times greater than its gasoline counterpart? That’s a fact worth considering when you’re thinking about a full school bus or industrial fleet.

Enhanced performance: Your fleet will operate with the same level of power as it would with diesel or gasoline, but with a performance that surpasses those fuels. In fact, you’ll see that propane autogas provides the longest driving range available within the alternative fuel market.

Lakes Gas provides dependable propane autogas for educational, commercial and industrial users throughout the region

More than 60% of alternative-fueled vehicles in the United States run on propane autogas. School districts are among the largest groups using propane autogas rather than diesel fuel, and they’re seeing deep savings as a result. In fact, more than 900,000 students nationwide are passengers in propane-autogas-filled school buses.

Here’s an overview of the many types of autogas users:

  • agricultural operations including farm tractors
  • charter buses
  • commercial vans for service businesses, like plumbers and electricians
  • community and campus shuttle services
  • delivery vehicles
  • emergency medical services
  • forklift operations
  • lawnmowers and other landscaping vehicles
  • police departments
  • school buses
  • shuttles
  • taxis

Let us know if you need details about federal and state autogas incentives, tax credits, and other ways you can save when your Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota fleet uses propane autogas.

Contact Lakes Gas today to learn more about how we can help your business get the most out of propane autogas!