Equipment Rebates and Incentives

Learn about equipment rebates available in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and South Dakota

Equipment rebates are a great way to save when it’s time to upgrade your equipment. It’s important to keep in mind that rebate offers last only until funds run out, so if you see one you’re interested in, you’ll want to act as quickly as possible.

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Energy Efficiency + Rebates = BIG savings!

We can help you qualify for generous rebates from the Minnesota Propane Gas Association. Rebates are while supplies last, so if you are interested in converting or upgrading your heating or water heating system, now’s the time to investigate. Contact us for more details!
When you install a propane water heater in new home construction or change energy source A $500 rebate
When you upgrade your existing propane water heater to a new propane water heater A $200 rebate
When you install a propane furnace or boiler during new home construction A $200 rebate
When you install a vented propane garage heater in new construction or initial installation A $100 rebate
EXCEPTION: Any structure or system that incorporates an alternative source of energy or vent free products are not eligible. Alternative source of energy is defined as a source of energy, other than pro-pane, that heats a structure or water. Appliance installations performed on motor vehicles, travel trailers, mobile homes or manufactured homes that are not in permanent residential or commercial use in the state of Minnesota are not eligible for this program. The installation must take place on real property owned by the applicant and located in this state and occur within the effective dates of this program. See complete rebate program details.

Here’s an overview of the rebates and incentives available in states with Lakes Gas locations:

Incentives from the Michigan Propane Gas Association include:

  • agriculture incentive programs
  • landscape, golf and turf incentive programs
  • residential appliances incentive programs
  • builder and construction professional incentive programs
  • on-road fleet incentive programs

Rebates from the Minnesota Propane Association include:

  • propane water heaters in upgrades, new constructions and conversion
  • propane boilers and furnaces in new constructions
  • propane garage heaters in new constructions or as initial installation
  • lawn mower incentive program

Incentives from the Wisconsin Propane Gas Association include:

  • WIPERC vehicle incentive
  • agriculture incentive programs
  • incentives for residential appliances
  • builder and construction professional incentive programs
  • on-road fleet incentive programs

In addition to savings on the state level, national rebates are also available through the National Propane Gas Association. Contact us for details.