You must call us for immediate delivery in the event that your fuel gauge reads 20% or lower. Find your closest Lakes Gas branch by entering your zip code, where your tank is located, in the zip code locator to the right.

Running out of propane can result in serious safety hazards. Scheduling regular deliveries is encouraged to prevent urgent service requests in the future. If you are not on a delivery schedule, we recommend scheduling a propane delivery when your tank reaches 30% capacity.

At Lakes Gas, we will make every effort to prevent you from running out of propane. But if it should occur due to unforeseen circumstances, you must call your nearest Lakes Gas branch office. After we receive your call, we will arrive at your home or business as quickly as possible to get you up and running again.

See additional fees, surcharges and service information here.

Service Interruption

If your service is interrupted, please close the service valve on the tank and shut off all appliance valves.

Possible causes for service interruption include:

  • A new or modified system is placed into service.
  • A gas leak is suspected.
  • A gas meter or regulator is replaced.
  • An appliance or appliance connector is replaced.
  • You ran out of gas.

In order for service to be reinstated, a Lakes Gas technician will need access to the inside of your home in order to perform a code required leak test and start all gas appliances. Please note, if we are unable to get inside, the container valve will be left in the off position and service will not be reinstated, and there will be an additional charge for a second service call to your home to perform the required leak test and start all gas appliances.

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