Is Your Grill Tank Ready for Labor Day?

Written on: August 21, 2023

Summer’s not over! Keep grilling with a full propane tank!

grill tank refill minnesota Despite social media feeds being swamped with posts celebrating the coming of Halloween, sweater weather, and pumpkin spice lattes, it’s still summer.

Savor one of the big weekends of summer with a Labor Day cookout. Whether you’re doing burgers and hot dogs, chops, steaks, kebabs, or your catch of the day, a propane grill has the ability to make all your cookout grilling shine.

To grill over Labor Day, you need a full grill tank. You can count on Lakes Gas!

Tank exchange and refill made easy with Lakes Gas

Many Lakes Gas locations offer a swap-and-go cylinder exchange service during regular business hours so you can quickly get a full tank. But our services don’t end there!

Many retailers throughout our Upper Midwest service area offer Lakes Gas propane cylinder refill and exchange services. You can choose the ease and convenience of a cylinder exchange or the cost-effectiveness of a cylinder refill. These services can be found at convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, home improvement stores, garden centers, and other retailers.

By the way, if your retail business is looking to grow its customer base, get in touch with us to learn more about adding a tank refill and/or exchange service.

How to replace a propane grill tank

If you’re new to grilling with propane, knowing how to replace your grill’s propane tank is one of the essential things you need to know. Here’s how it works.
Before disconnecting and replacing the propane cylinder on your grill, ensure that the grill is turned off and the valve on the current cylinder is closed. This simple precaution will help maintain safety and facilitate a seamless transition to the full cylinder. Once this is done, follow these steps.

  1. To remove the pressure regulator of your grill, simply turn it counterclockwise to unscrew it. Remember the old saying, “Lefty loosy, righty tighty.”
  2. Before attempting to remove the cylinder, ensure that your grill is not equipped with a restraining bolt. If there is one, make sure to loosen it first.
  3. Remove the cylinder from the storage compartment.

Once you have a full tank, here’s what to do.

  1. Place the new cylinder inside the storage compartment and, if your grill is equipped with a restraining bolt, securely fasten it onto the cylinder.
  2. Attach the pressure regulator to the cylinder valve and securely tighten it by turning to the right.

Once your full grill tank is installed, we strongly advise that you perform a leak test. Start by applying soapy water to the valve of the tank and the regulator/hose of the grill. Open the valve of the tank and carefully observe for the presence of bubbles. If you notice any bubbles, it indicates a possible leakage or loose connection. In this case, close the valve and ensure that all connections are securely tightened before opening the valve again. If you still see air bubbles after rechecking the connections, it may be necessary to replace the hose or the tank.

Lakes Gas makes having a full grill tank easy! Contact your local Lakes Gas location to find the grill tank exchange nearest you.