How Much Propane Will You Use This Winter?

Written on: October 11, 2021

Here’s how to predict your propane needs this season

estimating propane use minnesotaEven as the weather is getting more unpredictable—you can be sure winter will be cold here in the upper Midwest. And with the calendar pages turning, you might be wondering what to expect—including how much propane you’ll need this season.

What will affect your propane usage?

There are a lot of variables that can affect how much propane you use over the winter. The three main things that influence your propane use are the weather, your home and appliances, and your lifestyle.

The weather is one area where you have the least control. If the winter brings record lows and extended cold snaps, you’ll use more propane than if the season is average or mild. Other variables will be different from home to home. Is your house well insulated and less prone to drafts or heat loss? Is your heat equipment new, well-maintained, and highly efficient or not? Do you have a propane-fueled fireplace or stove that you use more often when it’s cold?

Finally, your lifestyle plays a role. The main factor is how warm or cool you like to keep your rooms. But other things can affect your fuel use, too, including having more people in your home, spending more time at home, or being away for a few weeks for an extended trip. More people—such as older parents or college-age kids moving back home—use more hot water for example. And spending more time at home during the day, or using a second home later into the season, means you’ll use more propane as well.

How much propane do your appliances use?

While a lot of factors come into play, there are also some general guidelines you can apply to give you a rough estimate. 

This chart can give you an idea of how much propane different equipment in your home can use. Keep in mind that these estimates are yearly averages, but these appliances will probably use more of their total propane during the winter months as compared to the other seasons of the year. 

Appliance Gallons Used Yearly
 Propane furnace  1000
 Propane water heater  250
 Propane fireplace  200
 Propane stove/range  35
 Propane clothes dryer  20

Check out this article from propane101.com to learn about some of the factors that can cause you to use more propane than usual.

Take the worry out of Winter

Many Lakes Gas customers opt for automatic deliveries. The main benefit of automatic deliveries is that you don’t need to watch your tank levels. We use a proven computer algorithm (not a crystal ball) based on your past usage and average temperatures to make sure we fill your tank on time. Usually, that’s when your tank is about one-quarter full. If your usage is less predictable, we recommend a tank monitor for added peace of mind.

From families to forklift operators to farmers—and everybody in between—the level of propane service you’ll get from Lakes Gas makes us the right choice for your home, farm or business. Want to learn more about propane deliveries and all that Lakes Gas can offer you? Contact us today.