Is Propane a Green Fuel?

Written on: January 18, 2022

Save big on your energy bills with eco-friendly propane

clean fuel propane minnesotaMany people don’t realize that propane is actually considered a green fuel. That’s because it is has almost zero harmful emissions. Read on to learn more about what propane can do for your business or household in Minnesota or Wisconsin, and then give Lakes Gas a call for all your propane needs.

What makes propane green?

Reach out to one of our energy experts right now and find out how getting on board with propane can help you go green while saving green! After all, increased efficiency equates to lower energy bills.

Lakes Gas: The right choice for propane in the Upper Midwest

The level of propane service you’ll get from Lakes Gas makes us the right choice for your home, farm or business. Family-owned for over 60 years, Lakes Gas is among the largest propane providers in the Midwest. But don’t let our size fool you: At each of our 48 locations, we operate with a small-town, local feel and make it a priority to pay personal attention to each and every one of our customers.

We’re better positioned than anyone to deliver what you need. Priced like the local guys – but with broad experience and widespread supply connections – Lakes Gas is family-owned and operated and, above all, focused on your safety. Want to learn more about all that Lakes Gas can offer you? Get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to hear from you.