Lakes Gas Announces Partnership with St. Francis School District

Written on: October 7, 2022


CLEAR LAKE, MINNESOTA –October 7, 2022 –Lakes Gas is excited to partner with Independent School District 15 to provide a clean, comfortable, and cost-effective solution to diesel-powered buses.

ISD 15, headquartered in St. Francis, Minnesota is located in a rural community just north of Minneapolis. Comprised of nine surrounding schools, the school district educates more than 5,000 students; about 75% ride the bus to school each day.

“Propane provided countless benefits to our bus fleet and at almost no cost: the buses are more efficient, easier to start, warmer in the winter, easier to maintain, and cleaner for the environment,” said Peggy Tesdahl, ISD 15 Transportation Supervisor.

During the 2022-2023 school year, 47 of the district’s buses will be powered by propane. This has allowed the school to save approximately $600,000 per year on fuel costs alone when compared to diesel buses. The District is also adding another 8 propane buses to its fleet in the coming weeks.

Propane-powered buses also warm up quickly on the inside without lengthy idle periods. Propane buses don’t require block heaters that are needed in diesel buses to warm up the bus. This has also helped the school district save around $10,000 a year on their electricity bill. Propane buses have no problem starting and heating up in the frigid cold temperatures that are seen in Central Minnesota.

“We’re proud to be associated with the St. Francis School District,” said Mark Clasen, Regional Manager for Lakes Gas. “Peggy and the team at ISD 15 have been great to work with and we are excited that they have committed to helping the environment by powering their fleet with an energy source that produces 43% less greenhouse gas emissions than the current electric grid.”

To learn more about the benefits of propane and propane-powered buses, visit propane.com


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