Lakes Gas Propane Pipeline: Your Questions Answered

Written on: August 5, 2021

about pipelines minnesotaImagine never having to order propane again – and never having to worry about running out of gas during a bitter cold snap. It’s possible thanks to the Lakes Gas Pipeline!

If you’re a Lakes Gas propane customer in Minnesota or Wisconsin (or plan to become one), you could be eligible to have gas piped directly into your home, rather than delivered by truck to your tank.

Pipeline 101

Here are some Lakes Gas Pipeline basics – to learn more, or to sign up for Pipeline service, contact Lakes Gas today.

Q. Why are the benefits of having my propane delivered by Lakes Gas pipelines?
A. Using the Lakes Gas pipeline, you will have a continuous supply of propane throughout the winter, in any weather. You won’t have to worry about interruptions in propane delivery – in fact, you won’t even have to worry about ordering gas at all! Once we put up a meter on your home, we’ll take care of everything.

Q. How much does using a pipeline cost compared to conventional propane delivery?
A. While the amount of savings varies, using our pipeline you will actually reduce your price per gallon of propane due to less delivery labor.

Q. Where do Lakes Gas pipelines operate?
A. Lakes Gas currently owns 19 pipelines that operate run through Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Q. Are Lakes Gas pipelines safe?
A. At Lakes Gas, safety is always our number one priority. Our highly trained technicians follow strict federal and state propane safety protocols when they install, install, and maintain pipeline equipment. Overall, pipelines experience 4.5 times fewer spills per million barrels of oil equivalent transported than rail.

Q. Why Lakes Gas?
A. Family-owned and locally operated for more than 60 years, Lakes Gas is among the largest and most well-established propane providers in the Midwest. But don’t let the size fool you: At each of the 48 locations, we operate with a small-town, local feel. We’re your neighbors, employing and serving local communities and making it a priority to pay personal attention to you.

Lakes Gas – the most reliable propane delivery in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and South Dakota for your home or business! Contact us today to become a Lakes Gas customer and experience the difference for yourself.