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Services offered at this location:

  • Propane delivery
  • Propane tank leasing
  • Bulk propane
  • Commercial propane
  • Propane for commercial construction
  • Cylinder exchange
  • Propane refill program

Yes! We offer cylinder exchange!


Here’s a look at the range of services Lakes Gas in Reedsburg, MN, offers:

Meet the team serving Reedsburg, Wisconsin Dells and Baraboo

Our team is professionally trained on the benefits of propane, how propane compares to other fuels and the latest about propane safety.

When you join the Lakes Gas family, you’re guaranteed all of the following from our dependable team, and more:

  • reasonable pricing
  • a family-owned and operated business
  • professional, friendly staff
  • convenience
  • flexibility
  • personalized service

Lakes Gas in Reedsburg, MN: Serving Reedsburg, Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo and surrounding areas

Located in Sauk County, the rural community of Reedsburg prides itself on being a growing community with a small-town feel. In and around Reedsburg, you can walk the downtown area along the Baraboo River or enjoy the Wisconsin 400 State Trail, which is part of the 101 State Trail system. The area is also known for many annual festivals—some with fun and creative names, including the Butter Festival and the Reedikulus Arts Festival!

Lakes Gas has proudly served the Upper Midwest since 1959. Contact us to find out more about all that Lakes Gas has to offer your home or business!

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