How To Prepare For A Power Outage In Your Home

Written on: February 17, 2021

losing power tips minnesotaDid you know that power outages are twice as common today as they were just a decade ago?

Aging transmission grids and power plants, combined with a rise in the number and intensity of weather events and a greater than ever demand for electricity, has left our homes and businesses vulnerable to a loss of power that can be inconvenient at best and dangerous (and costly) at worst.

Ways To Be Ready For Losing Power

Here at Lakes Gas, we want to make sure you’re prepared for any weather in the days and months ahead. Here are six ways to stay safe and ready if you are forced to ride out a power outage.

  1. Have a plan – Power outages in COVID times require special considerations; be sure to do your research and work out the details of an emergency plan for your family.
  2. Keep food fresh – To keep as much food fresh as possible, keep on hand:
    • Coolers –Inexpensive Styrofoam coolers are fine for temporary food storage.
    • Ice – Surround the food in your cooler or refrigerator to keep it cold.
    • A food thermometer – Make sure your food stays at temperatures that are safe to eat.
  3. Stay informed – Keep track of the weather by tuning into NOAA radio broadcasts:
  4. Gas up – Fill your car with gasoline, and if you can keep some on hand in gasoline-safe containers; if power goes out at the pumps, gas supply may be limited.
  5. Don’t forget your pets – Here are some tips for preparing a pet emergency kit.
  6. Install a generator, and keep it filled – A whole house propane generator is the best way to minimize the impact of a power outage. Sized to meet the load of your appliances, a backup generator connects directly to your home’s electricity source and HVAC systems so it can power up immediately and automatically when the grid goes down.

    When it comes to propane backup generators, make sure:

When severe weather is forecast, be sure you have enough propane for at least a week in the event of an outage. And don’t forget: if your propane-powered system is shut down for any reason – including a power outage – you must have it turned back on by a licensed professional (it’s the law!). Contact us today to learn more about reliable propane delivery in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota – and stay safe!