Exploring Your Pricing and Payment Options

Written on: April 10, 2023

Lakes Gas helps you control your propane costs!

propane bill minnesota One week, it’s gasoline price spikes making the headline. The next, egg prices.

These yo-yoing prices make it hard for us to make a household budget and stick with it.

Lakes Gas is here to help with pricing and payment plans that can help keep your propane costs under control, so you can more effectively plan and mange your household expenses from month to month.

Let’s run down our available programs so you can decide what’s right for your home and your budget.


The cost of propane is ever-fluctuating, based largely on the balance between supply and demand. However, other components can significantly affect your expenses at any given time.

Unforeseen events, like geopolitical upheaval like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year or natural disasters including hurricanes and ice storms, can cause propane prices to fluctuate erratically.

If you’re feeling battered over the roller coaster of fuel pricing that has been going on this past year, Lakes Gas has a way to protect you from winter propane price spikes with our PreBuy Plan!

When you join the PreBuy program, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your propane during summer at a fixed price. As soon as winter rolls around and you need it, we will promptly deliver your propane to your home!

You can save money on your propane expenses since you purchase your propane for winter during the summer, when propane prices historically tend to be lower than winter.

Say goodbye to worrying about energy market fluctuations. Now, sudden price increases will no longer have an impact on you!

Budget Program

Sometimes, predictability is a good thing. That’s definitely true of the Lakes Gas Budget Program!
Our Budget Program spreads your propane costs out over 11 even, easier monthly payments. This makes it easier to plan your monthly household spending because your propane bills aren’t going up and down as they would without the Budget Program.

Your monthly Budget Program installments are calculated at 10 cents under the capped price and use your propane usage history to accurately estimate your average monthly usage.

If your actual propane usage over the length of the Budget Program is less than what was calculated, you can roll that credit into the following year’s program or receive a cash refund. If your propane usage or expenses are more than the estimate, we’ll adjust the installment amounts accordingly.

You also can save on your propane costs with the Budget Program. That’s because to safeguard Budget Program customers from wintertime propane price spikes that sometimes occur, a cap-not-to-exceed price is included at no additional cost.

Here’s some more information about the Budget Program and how it works.

Each year’s Budget Program begins in July, so current customers need to act soon to lock in their enrollment. If you become a new Lakes Gas customer after July 1, you can enroll mid-year.

Do you have questions about our pricing and payment options? Contact us today to learn more!