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Fry Up A Feast For Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is right around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about how you want to prepare dinner. There are plenty of ways to prepare your turkey: baking, broiling, roasting, grilling, smoking, and one of our personal favorites, frying.

When done right, fried turkeys are moist, tender, delicious and, surprisingly, not greasy. Here are some tips to keep your cooking under control.

tankIn case you hadn’t heard, winter is coming.

Lakes Gas reminds you that fall is the perfect time to make propane preparations for the upcoming cold season. If you haven’t had your propane system checked recently, it may be a good time to do so. To protect your family and familiarize yourself with your system, the National Propane Gas Association recommends getting it inspected every five years.

Group having BBQ at campsite in the woodsThe arrival of cooler weather means the arrival of even more fun uses for propane.

This fall, enjoy all the outdoor pleasures powered by propane, whether you’re camping, grilling, hot tubbing, brewing beer, frying turkeys, or enjoying your patio fire pit.

note saying it's time for a new jobAre you looking for a rewarding new career opportunity? Look to Lakes Gas.

We’re a team of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who come together for one common goal: provide the best, most reliable propane solutions for our communities.

lightning touching the ground during stormSummer is thunderstorm season. Unfortunately, that also means it’s power outage season – not ideal during the hottest days of the year.

Recent outages throughout the nation have served as reminders that we can’t take having power – not to mention air conditioning, refrigeration, or critical medical equipment – for granted. In the dog days of summer, lacking power can be more than inconvenient or uncomfortable – it can be dangerous to our health.

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