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note saying it's time for a new jobAre you looking for a rewarding new career opportunity? Look to Lakes Gas.

We’re a team of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who come together for one common goal: provide the best, most reliable propane solutions for our communities.

lightning touching the ground during stormSummer is thunderstorm season. Unfortunately, that also means it’s power outage season – not ideal during the hottest days of the year.

Recent outages throughout the nation have served as reminders that we can’t take having power – not to mention air conditioning, refrigeration, or critical medical equipment – for granted. In the dog days of summer, lacking power can be more than inconvenient or uncomfortable – it can be dangerous to our health.

Ken Maes Image 2We’re saying farewell to our Driver, Ken Maes as he goes off into retirement after 16 years with Lakes Gas.

Ken is irreplaceable. His work ethic and dedication to his job and to the community have been unmatched. In the past three years, Ken hauled four million gallons of propane for our Roberts branch. The numbers and his efficiency are absolutely incredible.

using propane grill to make burgers and hot dogsPropane has long been a vital part of the Fourth of July festivities among family and friends.

Lakes Gas wants to wish you all a happy Independence Day! We’re proud to be part of the mid-summer holiday celebrating America. Whether you’re celebrating around the pool, the lake, a campsite, your RV or just the back yard, propane can help you make the most of the day.

vans using propaneAs the song goes, life is a highway, and propane can drive it all night – and day – long.

OK, maybe a few lyrics were changed, but propane autogas is a viable alternative to gasoline and diesel fleets – and has been for years. Although its popularity has been growing in recent years, many people, companies and organizations may still overlook it.

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