It’s summer, and that means grill season. Most barbecue fans line up in one of two factions: The propane proponents and the champions of charcoal. If you’re undecided on which type of grill is best, consider several reasons to choose propane.

  • Ease of use: Anyone who’s tried to light a charcoal grill knows it can take a few tries — and a lot of patience. Cooking with propane, however, is as easy as turning a knob.
  • Constant heat: Charcoal grills are unpredictable. Your flame may dwindle or completely die out. Propane grills deliver constant, even heat. No relighting required.
  • Cleanliness: You won’t get a huge mess with a propane grill. Not only does propane itself burn cleaner, it’s also easier to clean up. After cooking, you’ll just need to wipe down your grill to clean off excess food. You won’t have to empty out messy briquettes.
  • Taste: Charcoal devotees love the smoky flavor that can come with charcoal grilling. Use too much starter fluid to light your grill, though, and traces of it will be present on your food. Propane does not transfer flavors to food, so your burgers will taste like beef instead of butane.

Next time you’re in the market for a grill, you’ll be more prepared to make your decision. And if you’re looking to pick sides, there’s always room on Team Propane.

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