If you run a landscaping contract business, there’s no doubt your lawnmowers get a lot of use over the summer. The high price of those pieces of equipment might stop you from replacing them when they fall into disrepair.

What if you were paid $1,000 for each new mower you bought? Would you update your fleet, then?

It’s not theoretical: The Propane Education & Research Council is offering $1 million in incentives for landscape contractors to update their lawnmowers to models that use propane. The program runs through the end of the year.
You can receive $1,000 for each new propane-powered commercial mower you buy, and $500 for each commercial mower you convert to run on propane. There is a limit of 25 mowers for each applicant, but they can be a combination of new purchases and conversions.

The program, originally launched in 2012, fulfilled 300 incentives before it was extended in January.

Not all mowers are covered. They must meet certain guidelines to be eligible. New and converted mowers must have a 36- to 72-inch cutting deck, and converted mowers must have fewer than 250 hours of operation. Conversion kits also must meet Environmental Protection Agency emissions requirements.

If your equipment qualifies, you won’t just receive an incentive; you’ll continue to save money just from owning the mowers. Propane is less expensive than gasoline, and propane mowers are generally easier and quicker to fill.
For more information, and to apply, go to http://www.autogasusa.org/mower-incentive/.

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