Looking to spice up Thanksgiving? Forget the oven. Avoid the dangerous deep fryer. 
Instead, try grilling your turkey on your propane-powered grill.. It will end up even more tender and juicy than baking it and you’ll free up the oven for side dishes. Here are four tips for grilling a turkey with propane. 
  • Choose the right sized bird. Grilling works best with a turkey that’s 12 pounds or less. If your bird is any larger, it may not cook properly.
  • Prepare to grill: Thaw the bird and lightly coat the propane grill with oil to prevent sticking. Season and oil the turkey as desired.
  • Use indirect heat. Turn one side of your propane grill on and place the turkey on the opposite side to avoid burning it. Pre-heat your grill to 350 degrees. Rotate it carefully several times during cooking. Be sure to wear a cooking glove to avoid burning yourself. When you’re not rotating it, keep the lid closed to conserve heat. Opening the lid frequently will cause the temperature to drop and your turkey will take longer to cook.
  • Test to see if it’s done. Your turkey should cook for two to three hours. It’s done when the thigh meat reaches a temperature of 165 degrees. Check it with a meat thermometer. Never eat undercooked poultry, as it could cause illness. 
Then, enjoy your healthy and tasty grilled turkey. We’re sure it will be your new Thanksgiving tradition once your family tries it.

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