Lakes Gas Co. and the entire Midwest is experiencing an unprecedented situation in propane supply at the present time. Several factors have contributed to the current crisis:

  1. We experienced a greater-than-predicted consumption of propane during the grain drying season.
  2. It was an early season with a longer-than-normal cold spell.
  3. The Cochin pipeline, one of our major suppliers that provides propane from Canadian refineries, was shut down.
  4. There were railroad delays in getting contracted propane rail cars to our rail facilities. Currently there are approximately 90 cars behind.

These factors all contributed to the current shortage of product that we’re experiencing. In order to continue providing propane to our customers, we are short-filling customer tanks to make sure we have enough to go around. In addition, we are limiting all non-essential deliveries, such as those for garage heat and dispenser operations, among others. During this supply crunch, Lakes Gas Co. is focusing on residential heat accounts as our priority delivery.

We request your understanding during this situation. As always, Lakes Gas Co. will continue to put the customer first, and we’ll strive to keep delivering sufficient propane to keep you and your family warm during these cold winter days of short supply.

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