Propane Tank SizesPropane tanks come in all sizes. The amount of propane you'll need will determine the size of your tank. A 20 lb cylinder used on your grill would not be large enough to heat your home, and you'd need hundreds of them to supply enough propane to run a commercial kitchen. Here's a rundown of various tank sizes, courtesy of

Outdoor use
Cylinders, or bottles, are normally used for grilling and other outdoor activities. Unlike tanks, they must always be kept upright, and they cannot be stored inside.

Sizes include:
20 lb tanks hold about 4.7 gallons
30 lb tanks hold about 7 gallons
40 lb tanks hold about 9.4 gallons
100 lb tanks hold about 26.3 gallons

Home heating and energy
To deliver energy to your home, you're going to need something a bit larger than even the biggest cylinders. Otherwise, you'd have to refill your propane daily. The tank you need depends on many factors, including the size of your home, how many people live there, and the climate of your area.

Some common residential tank sizes are:
150 gallon
250 gallon
500 gallon
1,000 gallon

Commercial applications definitely use more propane than you do at home, but it may surprise you to know that their tanks are not much different than the one in your yard. In fact, many commercial propane users have the same larger 1,000 gallon tanks used by some homes; they just usually have more of them to meet their needs. It's not uncommon for a business to have two or three 1,000-gallon tanks that they fill more frequently than the home user.

Don't know how much propane you'll need? Your Lakes Gas representative will help you figure it out.

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