The propane shortage of 2013 caught many users by surprise- resulting in panic for many who depend on propane to dry their crops, heat their homes, or fuel scores of other day-to-day activities.

This year, many consumers are taking action to better prepare in case of another propane shortage.

A recent article by C Magazine, a trade publication by farm cooperative CHS, outlined some tactics farmers are taking to avoid running out of propane this year. Here are some tips from the article.

Increase your storage

Scott Judisch, a North Dakota farmer interviewed for the story, said he plans to add more propane storage this year- a 30,000 gallon tank that will hold his estimated requirements for the season.

Increasing your storage capacity now is a great way to ensure you have the propane you need. Fill up those tanks and it’ll be business as usual for you, even if other consumers are waiting weeks for their deliveries.

Stock up during the off-season

Locking in low prices now can benefit you if another shortage occurs. During shortages, many companies halt taking new customers so they can serve customers with existing programs, like Lakes Gas Co. did last year. You’ll enjoy locked in prices while those who waited for cold weather to buy will pay major premiums, or not be able to purchase at all.

Need to stock up now? Contact Lakes Gas Co. and ask about our pre-buy programs.

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