Propane has many great selling points. It's an energy efficient, economical, and versatile way to heat your home and power most of your appliances.
Your propane tank, however, is another story.

Let's just say it's not winning any beauty contests.

We get it, propane tanks are not the most attractive things. But they can be easily hidden. Here are a few ways to camouflage them.

Landscape it
Planting shrubbery or flowers around the tank can help it blend in with your existing landscaping. Just remember to leave access to the tank so it can be filled.

Fence it
Building an extension off your fence is an easy way to hide your tank from view. You can also build a fa├žade in front of your tank, so it looks like a shed, barn or other outbuilding. Just don't fully enclose your tank inside a building, as it will prevent ventilation and could explode.

Transform it
Tank enclosures can turn your 20 pound propane tank into a stylish outdoor end table. Check out these enclosures from Woodland Direct. Just make sure your enclosure has proper ventilation to the tank.

Want to transform your larger propane tank? No problem. Products from can turn your tank into a large rock to blend in perfectly with your landscaping. 

Your tank doesn't have to be an eyesore. It's easy to make it blend in to your yard. If you do decide to camouflage, just let your Lakes Gas technician know where to find your tank, so you don't miss a delivery.

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