Propane GrillThe first snowfall of the year signals the official end of outdoor grilling season.

Stowing your propane grill properly will lengthen its life and help you avoid potential safety risks.

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Clean it: Year-old grease and long-forgotten hamburger remnants are not the best ways to start next summer. Give your grill a good scrub before you store it.

Power down: Shut off the propane tank, unfasten the burner and slip the tubes off the gas lines. Your owner's manual will have directions specific to your grill.

Spray it: Spray cooking oil on metal parts. This will prevent rust during wet weather.

Wrap it: Wrap the burners in plastic grocery bags to prevent insects from making their homes there during the winter. These pests are not just scary; they could cause uneven flames or fires when you light the grill again. Give the grill's gas line opening the same treatment.

Store it: Should you disconnect the tank from the grill? It depends on where you're storing it. If you're leaving the grill outside, cover it but leave the tank connected, but shut off. If you're bringing the grill inside your house, shed, or garage, disconnect the tank, and leave that outside. You should never bring a propane tank inside, to avoid a potential explosion. Store it upright and away from dryer or furnace vents.

These tips will keep your grill ready for next year and many years to come.

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