happy grillConcerned about the environment? You can feel good about using propane. Here are some facts from our friends at Propane101.com.

Clean Burning

Propane is clean burning. Unlike other fuels, such as petroleum products, it is not considered a greenhouse gas, one that emits radiation and contributes to the greenhouse effect. In fact, it is listed as an “approved clean fuel” by the U.S. government. It emits far fewer damaging emissions than any other readily available carbon-based engine fuel. Overall, it’s an environmentally-friendly choice.

Non Toxic

You hear about oil spills often. They devastate coastal areas and affect regional economies for years. But there’s a reason you never hear about propane spills. Even in its liquid state, propane is not toxic, so a spill or the release of propane vapor will not harm the environment. A spill will freeze wildlife or plants it touches, but the effects are far less severe than an oil spill.

More Facts

•Propane is not damaging to fresh or salt-water ecosystems

•Spilled propane does not harm soil

•Propane vapor is not considered air pollution and will not negatively affect the air

•Propane is not harmful if accidentally inhaled by animals or people

Feel good about the fuel you use to heat your home. Contact a Lakes Gas sales representative today.


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