One of the first questions a new propane customer asks is  Propane tanks
"how much propane will I need?"

Obviously, your estimated propane usage will affect your tank size and delivery schedule. It could also influence the specific buying program you choose.

So how do you figure it out?

Calculating estimated usage yourself can be complicated. A number of factors affect your usage, including:

  • Your home size
  • Your thermostat setting
  • The climate of the area where you live
  • Energy efficient windows and appliances
  • How often you use your appliances
  • The number of people in your home
  • The number of bathrooms in your home

The list goes on. So you could reach for a calculator to figure it out – and risk miscalculations that could cause you to run out of propane- or you could calculate the easy way.

Just talk to your Lakes Gas sales representative.

They're trained in estimating usage, and they'll take all these factors into consideration to help you find the tank size, buying plan, and delivery schedule that fits your needs.

Sounds way simpler, right?

Try it for yourself. Contact your nearest Lakes Gas location.

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