Winter BillsConsider a supplemental gas stove. They 'll keep you toasty while lowering your energy bills because they're designed to heat the room you're in, so you can turn down your thermometer and let the stove keep you comfortable.

Gas stoves can use natural gas or propane. Naturally, we're fans of propane stoves. Here are a few reasons why.

Can be installed anywhere
With natural gas stoves, you're limited by gas lines. If there are none in the neighborhood, you'll have to run a line to your home, which can be expensive and-in some cases-impossible. If a line does exist, its path determines where your stove will be. You'll have to plan your room around it.

Propane stoves give you freedom. You can run a line almost anywhere, provided you can place the tank nearby. Plus, it's easy to install multiple stoves in different rooms of your house.

A propane stove erases any worry about ashes dirtying up your floor. But it's not just better for your living room, it's better for the environment. Propane is non-toxic, clean-burning, and not considered a greenhouse gas.

More for your money
Propane burns hotter than natural gas, so you need less of it to produce the same amount of heat as natural gas. That means your energy dollar goes farther with propane.

Need propane for your new stove? Contact your nearest Lakes Gas location.

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