Propane VehicleYou use propane in your home, but have you ever considered using it to fuel your car?

In recent years, as gasoline prices fluctuate wildly, many drivers are ditching the gas pump and turning to propane.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, propane has several benefits for fleets, private users, and the country as a whole.

Energy Security
Most gasoline used in the U.S. comes from politically volatile countries overseas. Political unrest there can cause prices to soar here, and threaten our supply completely.

The propane we use, however, is mostly produced here. Increased propane usage helps increase U.S. energy security.

Lower Fuel Prices
Though propane vehicles cost more than traditional vehicles, fuel prices are generally far lower. This makes it easy to recoup the higher up-front cost quickly. Many drivers find the return-on-investment worth the higher initial cost.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Propane fuel has high-octane properties and is low in carbon and oil contamination. This results in improved engine life, translating into less vehicle maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly
Propane vehicles produce smaller amounts of harmful emissions. Propane itself is not considered a greenhouse gas.

Easy to Fuel
One concern about switching to propane-fueled vehicles is the ability to find a fueling location. But as the popularity of propane vehicles increases, so does the number of fueling stations. There are now nearly 3,000 public propane fueling stations in the country. And with this handy tool, the U.S. Department of Energy makes finding one easy.

Interested in switching to propane for your vehicle? Learn more here.

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