Propane Lawn MowerAfter a winter of being buried under snow, your lawn might need some attention.

But before you drag out the lawnmower, consider this: Is your gas-powered mower giving you the most bang for your buck?

According to a blog post at Green Industry Pros, many lawn maintenance companies are switching their fleets to propane. And you can get many of the same benefits they do by using a propane-fueled model for your own lawn.

Here are some reasons to make the switch:

Propane is cheaper
Propane is generally less expensive than gasoline. But that's not the only way propane can save you money. Propane also cuts down on maintenance costs and eliminates the need for oil changes.

Propane can also eliminate costs associated with spilled or leaking fuel, often a problem with gasoline –powered mowers.

Propane reduces maintenance
Gas left in a mower can become stale and corrosive to the engine. Propane eliminates the issue, and could lead to longer engine life.

Propane is greener
Propane is better for the environment than gasoline. Propane mowers cut greenhouse gas emissions by about half. So you can mow your lawn without worrying about the environmental impact of what you're doing.

Need a new mower? Think about propane before you buy.

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