New Buying ProgramHow do you want to buy?

Lakes Gas gives you options. You can save money over time with our budget program, pay in installments, or lock in a low rate.

Here's some more information on our buying programs:

Budget Program
With the budget program, you will get a discounted market price that will vary for each delivery. A price cap will ensure your price will not exceed a certain amount.

Full Pre-buy
Don't want to worry about a monthly bill? You can pre-pay for all the propane you'll need for the term of your contract. This comes with two options.

  • Installments

This program is great for those who don't want a monthly bill but also don't want to pay the entire cost of their propane up-front. With installment buying, you'll pay 50 percent of the cost up-front, 25 percent 30 days into the program and 25 percent 60 days into the program.

  • Locked Pricing

In this plan, you get a locked-in rate, which you pay in full 30 days after delivery of your first gallons.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Read more about our pricing programs or contact a Lakes Gas sales representative.

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