Commercial propane ImageYou know propane is used in homes across America every day. But did you know it's also a great choice to power your business?

Lakes Gas customers includes farmers, contractors, forklift operators, and companies in many other industries. We can also power the buses, trucks, or cars in your commercial fleet.

Here are some reasons to consider commercial propane:

Cheaper to Operate
Business owners are concerned with ROI, return on investment. And when it comes to big returns, propane is a clear winner. Propane-powered appliances can cost more up front, but the reduced operating costs and lower fuel prices will quickly help them pay for themselves.

More Efficient
Propane may be more expensive than natural gas per unit, but it has more than twice the usable energy per cubic foot of natural gas. So when you choose commercial propane, you're getting much more energy bang for your buck. That's savings you can pass on to your customers.

Propane is not considered a greenhouse gas. It is clean-burning and made in the USA. As more and more customers think about the environment, your use of commercial propane can be a powerful marketing tool reach new demographics.

Find out more about how Lakes Gas can help you with your commercial propane needs here.

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