BBQ ImageBBQ ImageIts grill time again.

Before you break out those burgers, let's review some safety tips for your propane grill.

Check connections before you use your grill. Use a leak-detection solution. Never use matches or lighters.

Use the grill outdoors only. It must be properly ventilated at all times.

Turn off burners and close cylinder valves when not in use.

Store cylinders in an upright position.

Shut off the grill and allow it to completely cool before covering it after use.

Cover hose-end fittings and burner air intakes with protective fitting caps when not in use.

And the biggest "Do" to remember: Call the fire department if you notice a leak or uncontrollable fire. Get everyone away from the grill until you get the all-clear from firefighters.

Smoke while setting up your grill, or handling the propane cylinder.

Leave the cylinder in your vehicle or the sun. The sun's heat will cause the propane to expand, which could cause a fire.

Follow these tips and enjoy your grilling!

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