Propane tank paintingIf you've had your propane tank for a little while, it could be looking chipped or faded. You may be tempted to haul out the paint and slap a new coat on it. Before you do, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Choose a Light Color
Painting your tank to match your house may not be the best idea. Dark colors absorb the heat and can cause the propane gas to expand. This could cause a pressure to build up in the tank. Because your tank is equipped with a pressure gauge, an explosion is unlikely, but excess pressure will cause the gauge to open, causing you to lose propane. Stick to white or another light color.

Remove Rust
Rust is bad news for propane tanks. Not only can severe rust cause leaks, it can also absorb heat. So take some sandpaper to your tank before its new paint job.

Watch Where You Paint
Stick to painting only the tank itself. Don't paint any gauges, valves, data plates or labels. You could be covering up important information you might need or destroying an important safety feature of the tank.
Want more information about your propane tank? Contact a Lakes Gas representative.

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