Camping with propanePropane is versatile and portable, making it a great choice to power your next camping trip. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you head out.

Know What You Need
Will you be cooking primarily with propane or over a campfire? How many propane-powered devices will you bring along? Planning out your activities before you head out will help you determine how much propane to bring and whether you need a 20 # tank or a couple 1 # tanks. The larger tanks are better for cooking, while the smaller ones are great to power lanterns and other devices that don't require as much propane.

Think About a Tree
A propane tree is great for running several propane devices from one tank. Make sure you turn off the tank and let propane in the hose burn off before you turn the device you're using off. Leaving pressurized propane in the hoses can clog them.

Transport it Safely
Don't toss your tanks in the back of your truck and go. Propane tanks need to be stored upright so secure them in a standing position. And don't leave them in the sun, where the propane gas could expand. Keep them in a cool, shady place.

Follow these tips and have a great time in the Great Outdoors!

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